20 Best Ways to Promote Your Website

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Updated on May 14, 2020 08:53 pm

Advertising a product is as important as creating it. You could be putting all your efforts in researching and designing an avant-garde product, but unless more and more people come to know of it, all your hard work in creating it, could be just going down the drain. Ditto for websites. You put all your heart and soul in creating a spectacular website for your company, but unless it is rightly advertised and more number of people visit the site, your efforts and purpose could well be, hitting a zero.

Advertising websites has become more of a necessity and a humongous task at that in the current times, with thousands of websites screaming for attention at any given time. Therefore, unless your website is popular and comes at the higher rungs of search engine results, neither would it be visited by a reasonable number of people, nor would it yield any substantial business results. Just like in retail stores, higher number of footfalls is essential for greater sales, the same holds true for any website in terms of visitors.

Advertising for websites could be little tricky yet fun. This is because there is humungous number of ways available to you for doing it. Generally it is advisable to have a healthy mix of ways of promoting your website and make switch to alternatives if some of the ways in the mix are not working. In fact, this is one genre that is constantly evolving. Some of the methods that are ruling the roost right now may quite possibly be defunct tomorrow. Therefore, it is important that the website owners keep themselves abreast of the latest in promotional tools for websites.

For the purpose of understanding and expanding knowledge about promotional tools, we are hereby encapsulating “20 best ways to promote your website” for website owners.

1. Content is the 'King'

It goes without mention that the content of your website should be as good as possible. Remember you are selling the image of your company through the website and therefore, right from the words to the aesthetics, it should be putting across only a positive picture and nothing else.

2. Linking with the Backlinks

The content in your website should be correctly linked with apt backlinks. This will help in better rankings in the search engine results.

3. Using Long Tail Keywords helps

Long tail keywords are the ones that are very specific to your product and content of your website. By using such keywords, there are a higher number of chances for anybody with such specific search, visiting your website. This is contrary to earlier belief that fat head keywords, that are the broader keywords, helps better in driving traffic. It is now an established fact that the best conversions happen with long tail keywords.

4. Talk about the Latest Trends to Interest Visitors

It always helps in talking about trending topics; the most searched topics on any given day, on your website. Stale, worn out topics are of little interest to anybody.

5. Make the Best Use of Images

Images convey much more than words. In fact, they convey the messages much quicker, besides enhancing the aesthetics of the website. Make use of great images on your website intelligently, and place them aptly so that you make better communication with the visitors.

6. Tap the Potential of Social Media

This is one tool that is increasingly becoming complex yet is extremely important. To popularize a website, it is essential that company creates dedicated pages on social media platforms like Facebook and also join apt communities on such platforms. Facebook is just one example for social media; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, BuzzFeed, the list is endless here.

7. Online Directories are of Immense Help

Your website should have presence in the leading business directories. In fact, striving for presence in as many directories as possible will only help hugely.

8. Take Help from Social Bookmarking

Platforms like Reddit, Product Hunt and Delicious help you reach your target audience by simply submitting the link. These then circulate the given link to their audience base and help drive traffic to your website.

9. Get Hold of SEO Tool Planner

Your website’s ranking in search engine results is the most important manifestation of its popularity. There are endless numbers of tools that will help you in the endeavor; one of the most important amongst them is Google Keyword Tool Planner. This will help you devise the best possible keywords.

10. Linking with Other Websites

By including links to other websites in your content, you enhance the dependability factor of your brand. In addition, frequent guest blogging, forum postings and news articles would only help in this direction.

11. Use Google Local Business to the Hilt

Google local business helps with publicity within your city and town. This not only helps you list your website and related information for free, but also helps you with some great promotional tips as well.

12. Create a Signature Style

Make sure your brand’s signature style reflects in your emails, forums and text messages; this will help you stand out from the crowd and will make your brand’s recognition easy.

13. The URL needs to be Here, There, Everywhere

Do not forget to include the url of your website in every possible merchandise. This will enhance visibility and traffic. Exhibit the website’s url on every facet including stationery and vehicles of the company. If your employees are uniformed, put the url on their uniforms as well. This goes without mention but every print advertisement of the company should carry the company’s url without fail.

14. Keep in Touch with the Signed Members

Send out regular newsletters to the signed members of your website with back links. These are the people who are most likely to be the regular visitors of your website.

15. Do not forget the URL on the Press Releases

Every official statement or press release from the company should always sport the url. More the visibility, better are the chances of retention and recall.

16. Paint it on the Yellow

Do not forget to include the website’s url in the Yellow Pages advertisements of the company. This is something that people see everyday.

17. Dole out Incentives for the Visitors

Launch sweepstake offers for your regular visitors to enhance their interests for revisiting the website. These work wonderfully to gain new visitors as well.

18. Send Well Planned e-mail Promotions

Send out these promotions at regular intervals but do ensure your signed up members are not spammed. The content should be compelling to make the readers visit the website again and again.

19. Take Help of the Web Affiliates

Get associated with web affiliates, the websites that will link your website to theirs and also to related websites. These are excellent tools for reaching out to huge number of people without much fuss.

20. The Regular Visitors should Know All

Create exciting offers for the visitors and ensure that they are kept in loop regarding every new offer and product from the company.

These are just some of the few and popular ways to promote websites. There are several more methods. Remember visibility is the key to drive traffic to your website. More the visibility of company’s url in every which platform, more will be the traffic. But then simply driving traffic will not do; sustaining and further enhancing the traffic is equally important. For the purpose, the offers, ease of navigation and overall content of the website will make all the difference here.

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