Best Online Survey Tools

Best Online Survey Tools

Updated on Aug 08, 2020 10:47 pm

Online surveys help capture feedback, new recommendations and suggestions on a new product or service consumed, which help in increasing the performance of the same in the global and commercial market. Surveys also assist researchers in data collection and segregation, which proves highly useful in the rapid development of their projects. However manual collection of these data is time consuming and tedious and here comes in online surveys to the rescue that makes work simple and easy. The following are a few online survey tools used by a wide range of people worldwide.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is commonly used by governmental organisations, Multi National Corporations and academic foundations to conduct online surveys on the services they offer. It is widely recognised among its competitors due to its smoothly built interface. One major drawback that comes with Survey Monkey is it’s pricing which becomes less affordable to people with varied financial status. However it is best suited to conduct simple and basic surveys that help emerging entrepreneurs in expanding their business and services to a greater extent. Its availability in the form of mobile applications fosters easy management of the surveys and stress free recording of responses.

Survey Gizmo

Small scale businesses that look into learning the reach of their products among the general public use SurveyGizmo to develop online surveys containing detailed questionnaires which bring in fruitful results. A free version of it is also available to conduct basic surveys. Purchase of any package allows users to develop surveys with no limitations in the responses that can be collected. The answers once collected are stored in its backup for indefinite periods, which enables users to look through its content whenever needed. It helps in summarising the results obtained and produces a complete report.

Zoho Survey

Zoho along with Zoho Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) works all around the clock to provide an improved customer service and enables better communication. Zoho also performs independently in creating and conducting online surveys across the globe. Public sectoral offices, private consultancies, small scale businesses, non-profitable organisations and independent workers use this software to carryout surveys online. It helps them gain a better insight of their performance amongst their customers. Mobile applications of Zoho enable easy handling and interpreting of surveys. On the other hand, it also renders facilities to carry out offline surveys.

Lime Survey

Academic institutions, students, public corporations and various private units use LimeSurvey to build in public surveys. It is available for free and also comes in with affordable premium packages. It consists of a wide range of developers who help in creating the best surveys that best meets your needs. LimeSurvey offers tools to develop surveys in over 80 different languages. It comes in with two versions, in which a self-managed version is called the LimeSurvey CE and a vendor-managed version is called the Limesurvey PRO. It posts no restrictions on the number of administrators, but a maximum of 25 responses can only be collected from all the surveys put up online.


Firms that are in need of creating very detailed surveys and those that are willing to pay huge amounts of money for it, is sure to choose Qualtrics, as they come in with best designing tools and high package rates. It collects primary data from the sales of a product for a fixed period of time, analysis the responses collected from the consumers and pairs them up to give in a better picture of the performance and reach of the concerning product or service. It is also well known to be associated with the world’s largest brands.

Google Forms

Google form is one of the best online survey tools available and it is well known for its flexibility, as it comes in absolutely free with no limitations in the number of surveys that can be developed, the responses collected and the questions that are to be included in the survey. Like any other service rendered by Google, Google Forms also proves highly useful and user friendly. It allows users to personalise the options available for designing and renders different options for the export of the data collected.


Non-profitable organisations, people working on independent platforms, researchers and online bloggers prefer Typeforms to the other online survey tools available. It helps in creating surveys that are of the conversational type and thereby aids in bringing in better connection and communication with the consumers. Unlike its competitors, Typeforms provides various options that generates questions, relative to the responses received from its customers. It breaks down all conventional methods for collecting data and provides various options to gather feedback from the consumers including textual responses that can be long or short, pictorial and graphical representations and many more. The free version of it available, allows a maximum of only 100 responses that can be gathered over a month.


Jotform, operating under its headquarters located in San Francisco, Unites States of America, is an online survey tool that helps in constructing creative surveys that can be run offline as well. It provides a wide range of templates that help in building a constructive survey that perfectly clarifies all queries regarding the product or service. The mobile applications of Jotform gives in immediate notifications of the responses collected, a thorough analysis of the data gathered and also provides facilities that help in sending in auto generated mails in response to an action recorded from the consumer.

Survey Sparrow

SurveySparrow generates surveys that are of the conversational type which henceforth help consumers develop a better connect with the organisation, that in turn makes them feel free to express their thoughts and reviews in spite of it being positive or negative. It also allows users to easily export and share the data collected to various other platforms, reaching out to a wider range of consumers. It is also in association with numerous social media platforms comprising a lot of followers like facebook, twitter,linkedin etc.

Survey Planet

SurveyPlanet is one among the most affordable online survey platforms which enables reaching out to customers coming from different walks of life. It is well known for it’s clean interface that is also user friendly and minimal. However it does not provide assistance in including matrix questions and it renders a fixed variety of designing tools and technologies that can be customised. SurveyPlanet allows users to create surveys with unlimited questions and responses.

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