10 Best Ticketing Systems

Best ticketing systems

Updated on Aug 25, 2020 11:29 am

The fate of any business completely depends on fulfilling consumers needs. Be it a small firm or a large industry, help desks arranged to achieve customer’s satisfaction plays a vital role in the progress of its performance in the commercial market. Thus an help desk software serves to be an irreplaceable component in developing an efficiently operating help desk. Briefed below are the best ticketing systems that help cater to all needs of the customers online.


FreshService is a cloud based software that helps improve customer service and all kinds of tasks associated with it, irrespective of the standard and size of the business involved. Strong ticketing procedures, data recoveries with the highest quality and inclusion of the best warehouse database called the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in its functioning are some of the prominent features of FreshService. It offers varied field templates that aid in building a customised ticketing system that best suits the needs of the business. Freshservice, a self-service site, also comes in the form of mobile applications that allows developers to resolve issues and queries, anytime and anywhere.


Zendesk, a rapidly emerging IT service desk, notifies requests and reports submitted by the customers gathered from various support channels. It is well known for its unique marketing approach towards helpdesk, that assists in reaching out to a wider range of customers. It also provides various ticketing options with unlimited access through social media as well. Zendesk offers numerous options for integration of data that yield best results. However it’s pricing becomes the major drawback, as its best features come in with only the highest premium packages.

Jira Service desk

Jira Service desk is an IT service management software developed to fulfil the needs of all small, medium and large scale industries. It stands out amongst its competitors due to its speed and accuracy in processing and functioning. It allows live chatting options between customers and administrators and offers a mailbox open to the entire team. Jira service desk provides toolboxes that help in tracking and assigning expiry dates to the tickets purchased by the customer. It is designed in such a way that its system is open to serve employees within the firm and the customers outside.

Zoho desk

Zoho desk comprises of features that are designed to resolve issues regarding tickets in the most efficient manner. The best features offered by it come in with affordable pricing. The major drawback of Zoho desk is its limitations on gamification to fixed community assemblies. A user having access to Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM), that fosters diligent management of data can easily sync in their current database with Zoho’s helpdesk which helps in successful recollection of the information pertaining to the user’s existing ticket.

Hubspot service hub

Hubspot service hub, operating under one of the biggest brands of the world, hubspot, is becoming popular among the masses for its high-class assistance that pleases all customers. Live online chatting, mailboxes accessible to the whole crew and strong ticketing procedures are a few of its notable services. Hubspot service hub provides tools that help business heads in managing and tracking their contacts, improves consumer service and keenly analysis all support teams. It aims in boosting the productivity rates of all its agents and their businesses with the help of its automation tools.


Fresh desk, a commonly used helpdesk software is highly recognised for its affordability, outstanding features and user friendly functioning. The gamification techniques provided by Fresh desk is widely recognised and implemented by developers across the globe. It is basically a cloud-based software that readily transfers electronic mails to online tickets which makes communication easy, simple and accurate. The free version of fresh desk available helps in better understanding and testing of its system and processing before purchasing premium packages. Its availability in the form of mobile applications assists in easy management of the ticketing process and enables administrators resolve all queries raised by the customers quickly.


Happyfox renders the best facilities that foster efficient ticket management. It aids in creating tickets and receiving them through mails. Thus issues posted through Happyfox can be resolved regardless of the location at which they are reported. HappyFox premium plans allow users to develop assets within a firm and it also ensures linking of these assets to online tickets whenever necessary. However it does not offer varied integrating features for enhanced functioning, that makes it less preferable to customers amongst its competitors. Its high priced premium packages make it even more unfriendly to its users.


LiveAgent outshines all others of its kind as its functioning is simple and easy to understand. Live chatting facilities, open mailboxes, collaborations with various social media platforms and a service centre that is accessible all around the clock are some of its key features. LiveAgent takes customer service to the next level by making users concerns addressable even to the big shot executives. Its fast mechanism enables agents to reach out to a wider range of consumers. Processes like sending in tickets, responding to the user’s doubts and backing up of mails prevent leakage and loosing of data through the course of all actions.


Vivantio is famous for its matured approach towards ticketing and the tools offered by it meets all standards set by the Information Technolgy Infrasturcture Library (ITIL). The best of all its technologies and features comes in with a highly priced premium package that makes it less affordable to users coming from different walks of life. Its complicated mechanism is difficult to grasp and thus requires definite training. Its search feature is best known to operate at a global level which makes it even more special.

Agiloft Service desk

Like Vivantian Pro, Agiloft service desk adheres to all regulations set by the ITIL, and it proves highly useful in the efficient functioning of all kinds of enterprises. It renders numerous personalisation options and follows all corporate procedures. Also Agiloft’s workflow is of the decision –tree type that makes processing methodical and systematic. But the configurations offered by the Agiloft service desk are complicated and requires separate training to understand its mechanism. Its high priced premium enterprise plans make it less user friendly. Thus small and large scale industries seem hesitant in using these helpdesks.

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