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  • Rave Empire Riga - Video creators from Riga, Latvia

    Started as a non-profit organization back in 2017, their main goal was to spread the word of RAVE all through the country.
    Filming various electronical music events, sports events and anything unique-experience related.
    Main compassion for this culture was first obtained @AKVALANDE, which was a banger opening rave of a successful series by U.Party.
    Through spreading this positivity came the idea of capturing everything inside n out, not just for themselves, but for a greater insight of how crazy these types of events are.
    Operators behind the camera - Ervins & Ainars. Their uniqueness comes not from following any social standards or stereotypes but a personalized lens of perspective.
    Now, a full time videography is in process, gaining experience from different fields and on your way to make the night alive.

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